Elizabeth Cunningham's Photography Portfolio - A compilation of images of varied themes: illustration, fine art, collage, photo manipulation, conceptual art, body, etc.

The world is a vivid, bizarre, terrifying, beautifully dynamic place.

The role of the artist is thus not to strive for originality amidst an environment already rich with the unique, but to expose existing connections between individual entities and translate these into a visual representation. I am drawn to the inhabitants, perpetually arrested by our fascinating impulses and behaviors. My art is the most powerful way I can record and make sense of my observations, and further develop this translational ability.

As artists we are often encouraged to refine our work into one voice or style to make us stand out from the masses, but the masses are exactly what I draw my inspiration from. I both intentionally and unconsciously borrow, sample, and appropriate from the constantly shifting, very human world around us, letting the images and experiences of others add to my own understanding. I have always had a profound interest in sociology and psychology; the nature of the human condition being of particular intrigue. My experience with art is that it is a powerful medium in expressing my thoughts on these matters in a way to be seen in the public sphere. As a result, much of my work deals with the spectrum of human impulses, inherent emotional reactions, and ultimately identity and representation.

Art should never be static, it should evolve as we do.